Military Appreciation Day

Second Thursday of Every Month is Military Appreciation Day – Receive 20% Off any service and 15% Off any one product.  *Valid on Facial Services and Non-Mlis Product Only.  (Please show your Military ID in order to receive this special) Continue Reading

Finding Relief From Stress

When you feel tense all the time your body reacts in many different ways. Your muscles become sore and tight, you feel tired and you become moody. These physical and mental changes can wreck havoc on your life. Stress effects people in different ways and no two people will deal with their stress in exactly… Continue Reading

Upgrade Your Immune System

Winter is coming. That means more time indoors and more exposure to germs, which leads to getting sick more often. Worst of this band of cooties, is the notorious flu. The flu is particularly bad due to its strength of symptoms and duration of illness. A cold will cost you about a week of discomfort,… Continue Reading

A Delicious Treat – Pink Smoothie

One of my favorite meals to kick off my day right is a Pink Smoothie.  This recipe is brought to you by M’Lis.  I have been using their M’Lis Meal Replacement shakes and I love them.  They are easy and great for on the go.  Here is a quick recipe to spice up the Vanilla… Continue Reading

Show Mom How Much You Appreciate Her

Moms are some of the most amazing women in the world. They’re like superheroes. Somehow, they find a way to juggle work, school, family and a social life, all while putting their kids first. With the overwhelming, not to mention, stressful demands of motherhood, it’s time to give mom a break. This Mother’s Day, show… Continue Reading

Must Have Holiday Duo for your Waistline

Overindulging in Holiday foods leaves you feeling bloated, zapped of energy and a little snug around the waistline. The Enzyme and Probiotic is the natural remedy for Holiday foods that weigh you down. ENZYME Helps ensure foods are completely digested minimizing waste buildup. Reclaims energy for functional use that was once digesting food. Helps breakdown… Continue Reading

Fight Off Allergies and Colds this Season

Ear Coning Special for Only $55.00 Ready to fight off allergies and colds?  Ear Coning is a great way to removes excess ear wax, plus it can improve balance and equilibrium, detoxifies sinus and lymph system, removes Candida (yeast) and relieves itchy ear and relieves head congestion due to sinusitis, allergies, colds and flu.  Valid… Continue Reading

Fall Back to Relaxation

Fall back to relaxation with our Fall Special! valid now through October 31, 2012 Hydrating Facial Special – Only $60! With the change of seasons you may have noticed a change in your skin, which is why we are offering our Hydrating Facial as our October Special. This facial provides detoxification, oxygenation and moisture thru… Continue Reading

Keep Cool When It’s HOT

With mercury soaring all in Glendale, Arizona, we are still trying to beat the heat in September. Grab a bottle of water, pull down the shades, and pick from these seven cool tips to survive with a smile. Happy Hats Kate Middleton said it all with her hats, and now they’re back. Best things about… Continue Reading

Every Inch Counts to Charity

Beginning May 14th the M’lis company will donate $1.00 for every inch lost to Mothers without Borders, an organization working to send a message of hope to orphaned children around the world.  So, whether you’re into fitness, into wellness, or just into looking great for summer, there has never been a better time to get… Continue Reading

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