I have been a client of Michelle Hasegawa for the past 10 years. The results of her massage therapy on my neck and shoulders have been positive and I am now on the mend. These ailments have been a problem for 25 years. I feel that anyone who has a muscular or sports injury can benefit from her massage therapy.

William Dullas

My weekly sessions with Michelle Hasegawa have been informative and helpful in dealing with the chronic pain I suffer from auto accidents and the profession of dentistry. She has a unique skill of finding and massaging the \"knots\" in my muscles. I will, at times, be in pain when I enter, and pain free when the massage is completed.

Dr. Lois Cross, DDS

Many Studies have shown that massage therapy improves well-being, resulting in improved productivity and happiness. Michelle has certainly helped me in these aspects! She has been a "life-saver" for me many times.

Kim Kim Yee, MPA, MSES, MBA

I have thoroughly enjoyed going to Michelle over the past 8 years. She was instrumental in me being able to live a relatively pain free life following a severe motor vehicle accident.

Donna Schmitz

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