Raw Honey has been used for centuries for its healing properties, as well as its sweetness. It has many uses from baking to better health. Many people prefer honey over regular sugar, simply for its yummy flavor.
We are excited to share that we are now carrying local raw honey from Dulles Apiary, owned by Bill Dulles a fabulous bee man!

Locally grown honey produced by bees which are from the environment in which you live contain the immune stimulating properties needed for your body to adapt to its environment.
Fresh raw honey will also be tastier, and more potent. And, when you buy from local independent farmers you help keep them in business, which is good for your economy.

Check out some of the benefits of Raw Honey
• Taking a Tablespoon of Raw Honey each day is the same as taking one Zyrtec (allergy pill) a day and can help alleviate allergies.
• Taking Raw Honey is a healthy way to get an energy boost. Its carbohydrates supply us with energy and strength. It can boost your endurance and reduce muscle fatigue.
• Honey is a great aid in relieving morning sickness, reportedly even more effective than traditional soda crackers. It’s also good for sore throats including laryngitis and pharyngitis.
• Honey and cinnamon can help in many areas including relief from bladder infections, arthritis, upset stomach and bad breath. It’s even supposed to be able to slow down hair loss.
• Honey and apple cider vinegar can be used for many ailments like stomach aches, constipation and even migraines.
• Honey and lemon goes to work in the body shifting the extra fat stores, thus making it usable energy for regular body functions. And, honey is cholesterol-free. It reportedly can even help to keep cholesterol levels in check.

Stop in the office at 7200 West Bell Road, Bldg H Suite H-108 Glendale AZ 85308 to pick-up your Local Raw Honey.