With mercury soaring all in Glendale, Arizona, we are still trying to beat the heat in September. Grab a bottle of water, pull down the shades, and pick from these seven cool tips to survive with a smile.

Happy Hats

Kate Middleton said it all with her hats, and now they’re back. Best things about hats? They come in scrumptious sherbet colors like key lime, mango, and raspberry. Wide, floppy brims create instant shade for your body. Choose a contrasting nail polish, or change it up by wrapping a scarf around the hat-band.

Hang Out

Book a manicure with your bestie, and stay in the air-conditioned cool while everyone else sweats it out. Catch up on the gossip and leave looking sweet.

Flounce In

Sarongs mean summer. Yards of soft, floating cloth in hot pinks or cool aquas can be doubled lengthwise and wrapped around your waist for a short skirt, unfurled and wrapped above the bust for a swimsuit cover-up, or wrapped from the back to the front and tied behind the neck for an instant dress. Carry an extra sarong as an evening wrap, to keep the chill off in air conditioned buildings, or as a makeshift blanket at an outdoor concert to protect from mosquitoes. Sarongs wrap tight to fit into the corner of your purse.

Soothe Away Summer

Relax away dry skin with a soothing facial that emphasizes the cooling and nourishing properties of summer’s bounty like cucumber, mint and avocado. Take away a moisturizer that feeds your skin, making it soft and hydrated.


Parasols make sense. The lacy, white umbrellas protect your face, arms and neck from the drying and aging effects of the sun. Incredibly feminine and alluring, the parasol looks equally at home with short skirts and Prada, or flip-flops and shorts. Unlike a hat, a parasol shows off your summer hair color and cut. It also protects your hair from fading.

Keep Your Feet Neat

Let’s face it, feet take a beating in summer. Between gardening, dirty city streets, and sand, toenails need extra TLC to keep in shape. Pedicures mean your feet look clean, and your colorful toes are a sexy asset to your wardrobe. Check with your spa for cooling foot gels to apply when you get home.

Be Cool in the Pool

The best summer fitness happens in the water. Don’t like to swim? Grab a noodle and bob around. If you can’t kick, use a noodle or pull buoy between your legs to give your arms a workout. Water aerobics classes cater to all levels of fitness. Ask your stylist to recommend body wash and conditioner to zap the chlorine from your skin and protect your hair color. A dime-size of color-protecting conditioner rubbed through damp hair prior to swimming, and put under a cap will help preserve hair color and minimize chlorine damage.