The fast-paced lifestyle and the irregular food habits can often lead to a hormonal imbalance in the human body. Hormonal imbalance for women occurs when there is less or excessive production of estrogen or progesterone in their body. In case of men, it is the testicular hormones. The standard treatment for this imbalance is usually through the use of medicines that contain chemicals and can cause side effects.

Our nature has potent plants whose extracts can regularize the hormonal imbalance of men and women. The natural remedies are very safe with no side-effects and can effectively restore hormones during the menopause period or when there is a hormonal imbalance. Some of the plants extract that help and correct the hormonal imbalance are:

Blessed Thistle – Used for treating painful menstruation.

Dong Quai Extract – Helps treat hormone symptoms such as hot flashes, menopause, vaginal dryness, and PMS. It increases the effect of ovarian/testicular hormones.

Damiana – Works to improve sexual potency, and acts as an aphrodisiac. It relieves hormone-related headaches.

Wild Yam Extract – Active agent in hormone precursors.

Motherwort – Helps to treat suppressed menstruation and other female disorders

M’lis BALANCE is a wonderful and complete combination of all these plant extracts. It aids the human body to attain hormonal balance in a natural way by acting as a stimulant. In women, it relieves the menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, and in maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle. In men, M’lis BALANCE increases the effectiveness of testicular hormones.

M’lis BALANCE is the best natural hormone therapy for your body to regulate your hormones and induce them to produce naturally. Try it out today!