This is one of my favorite products that I USE ALL THE TIME!  I highly recommend having this on hand at all times.  The M’lis Repair helps to heal 14+ skin damage conditions and combines the most powerful natural tissue rebuilders available.  Here is why…

  • Excellent for healing any damaged tissue that still has live cells (stretch marks that still have red or purple coloring).
  • Great product to be used in conjunction with the Contour Body Wrap for clients suffering with live stretchmarks.
  • Helps diminish psoriasis and eczema.
  • Very beneficial for dry, damaged skin, cuts, abrasions, burns, rashes, tattoo laser removal, electrolysis, spa therapies, and radiation burns.
  • Used by plastic surgeons around the world.
  • Oncology departments use Repair with breast cancer patients to keep them on schedule for their radiation treatments.
  • Results can be seen in as little as 10 days, with maximum results achieved with continual use.

Tissue Repair Cream – can help heal scar tissue and stretch-marks with daily use and will be visibly decreased within 21 days of use, dry/damaged skin will be eradicated, and over 14 skin conditions can be alleviated.  To learn more and purchase your M’lis Tissue Repair Cream, click here.