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Decrease Your Risk of Colds and Flus This Season with This

Decrease Your Risk of Colds and Flus This Season with This

Did you know that studies indicate an inadequate amount of vitamin D in the body can substantially increase the risk of a variety of diseases, including cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis as well as the risk of falling and infections? Some more amazing benefits of VITAMIN D are:             Strengthens bones… Continue Reading

Vitamin D – Quite Possibly the Most Important Nutrient

Vitamin D is quite possibly the most important nutrient for optimal immune function.  Having adequate amounts of Vitamin D in the body will activate immune responses to prevent and/or treat inflammation and autoimmunity.  This vitamin is crucial in activating our immune defenses and without sufficient intake of the vitamin our bodies will not be able… Continue Reading

Boost Your Vitamin D

Did you know that even in Arizona, our sunniest state, studies found that only 22% of residents had barely adequate vitamin D levels. VITAMIN D contains cholecalciferol, which is the most potent form of supplemental vitamin D. 2,000IU per day provide enough vitamin D to rectify most deficiencies and supply the body with optimal levels of… Continue Reading

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